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Victory! EOLC Bill passes Second Reading

27 Jun 2019 3:24 PM | Philip Patston (Administrator)

We must give ourselves a couple of days to celebrate and then get ready for the next round.

Firstly, my deepest thanks to all the people who worked so hard – especially Maryan Street and David Seymour, without whom we would not have reached this position. But in addition, so many people – members and supporters, put in an enormous effort and then shared their joy with us online since the vote. How wonderful it was to read your comments and I’m sorry I could not reply to everyone who sent in emails.

Facing the fight from here, we must keep up the struggle to get a law passed that will be functional and provide relief to those who are dying. We must keep watching the situation in Victoria where some of their legal absurdities are just emerging – it now appears that a doctor could be accused of a federal crime if they discuss Assisted Dying via the phone or Internet with a patient they are already advising! While this is very unlikely, it will worry some doctors before this situation can be resolved. Then there will be the filibustering of our opponents to contend with.

Many other barriers raised in the next few months but each one we can confront if we keep working together. We will be resilient and continue our successes.

Dr Mary Panko
President EOLC Society

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