Assisted dying will be possible in New Zealand from 7 November 2021 onwards. In the meantime, the Ministry of Health is preparing the service for use.

If you wish to pursue the option of an assisted death for yourself, there are a few things you can do right now to ensure you meet all of the eligibility criteria simultaneously.

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  • Understand that your doctor is not allowed to initiate a discussion about assisted dying with you: you must raise the issue with your doctor. You could say something like . . . “If my suffering becomes unbearable before I die, I want to be assessed for assisted dying. Will you do this for me, please?"

  • If your doctor is willing, then he/she could begin explaining the process to you now.

  • If your doctor is unwilling and if you have time to change doctors, you might consider doing so. You could ask the office manager or practice manager of your health centre to transfer you to a doctor within the practice who has an open mind about assisted dying.

  • If you cannot find an alternative doctor in a reasonable time, then you will need to wait until 7 November 2021 to ask your own doctor for a SCENZ doctor to be allocated to you from the Ministry of Health. Your doctor is obliged to do this for you as a minimum, even if he/she personally objects to assisted dying. SCENZ doctors are potentially willing to help - provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

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