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This library includes books, DVDs, video cassettes and Audio Cassettes/CDs.  Subject to certain conditions, members of EOLC are eligible to borrow items from the library, which is held in the Librarian's home in Wellington.

The collection may be viewed by appointment, or items may be ordered by post (Librarian, 95 Melrose Rd, Southgate, Wellington 6023), email ( or phone (04 383 7752) from the lists below.  All items borrowed should be returned as soon as possible and in any case within one month from the date of issue.

There is no charge for borrowing but members are responsible for sending the material back.  No item borrowed may be lent to others, whether members or not.  Members will be held responsible  for loss or damage, and agree to reimburse EOLC if requested.

Donations will be gratefully accepted.

Members wishing to borrow items from the Self-Deliverance section of the list should request the special order form.



1 - Final exit, Derek Humphry (2006, 46 mins) Demonstrations of Self-deliverance


2 - Mademoiselle and the Doctor (2004 95 mins) Lisette Nigot with Philip Nitsche)

3 - Suicide Tourist (2008)

4 - A short stay in Switzerland (2010)

5 - How to die in Oregon (2011)

6 - Do not resuscitate (2011)

7 - Do not resuscitate


8 - Dr Rodney Syme Address to workshop 7.6.2013 80 minutes

9 - Dr Rodney Symes - Address to AGM    8.6.2013  70 minutes 2 copies

10 - Maryann Street MP  - Address to the AGM  8.6.2013    55 minutes

11 - Libby Smales   Address to Wellington AGM     15 minutes 2 copies
    -  Yvonne Shaw ,                     ,,                             45 minutes

12 - Maryann Street  on legislative change 10.10.2015

13 - Dr Anthony Duncan on Dementia and Advance Directives   10.10.2015

14 - Helen Yensen: A good way to die

15 - Melanie Thornton: Euthanasia

16 - Yvonne Shaw 24.3..2012 AGM Hamilton/Tauranga  25 minutes

17 - Evans Mott-Discharged  without conviction

18 - Janet Marsland   V.e.debate 10.5.2012

19 - VES Six broadcasts and doco on Dutch euthanasia law

20  - TVNZ  Dr John Pollock-Issue of euthanasia

To borrow any of the above,contact Frank Dungey librarian,95 Melrose Rd,Southgate,Wellington 6023
or email
or phone 04 383 7752

Books (Author, title, date, # pages)


Age Concern, The Living Will, 1988, 90p

Docker C., Collected Living Wills, 1993, 169p

Docker C., A Living Will - Making it work,1996, 31p

Japan Society for Dying with Dignity, Living Wills around the world, 1996, 284p

Molloy Dr W, Let Me Decide, 1989, 46p

Patients Association, Advance Statements About Future Medical Treatment, 1996, 24p

Society for the Right to Die, NY, Handbook on Living Will Laws (USA), 1987, 152p

Society for the Right to Die, NY, Checklist Chart of Living Will Laws, 1987, 24p

VES of London, The living Will, 1998, 6p

VES of Scotland, Information Pack - The Living Will, 1994, 16p

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